Discovery of a new Ocean

April 24th 2018

Off we go!

Polar bears are waiting to be sighted, humpback whales to be spotted and many many litres of seawater to be filtered, tons of marine sediment to be sieved, and physics data to be collected. Here we are, Andrew, Jamie, Martin and Judith, four PhD students working on the Arctic PRIZE project, on our way to the Barents Sea.

How will the Arctic ecosystems respond to a reducing sea ice cover in the Arctic Ocean? This is the question Arctic PRIZE wants to answer. And we are there to help with that.

Here, we want to share our experiences with you – venturing into the Arctic Ocean. Four people, three years of marine science, two more trips into the polar ice all the way down to the bottom of the ocean and back to the lab. We will be analysing hundreds of samples and data points to dicover what the future holds for the Arctic Ocean. And hopefully meet the one or the other polar bear.

Next stop: TromsΓΈ


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